Foundry pin mark identification

Any help would be appreciated in identifying this foundry pin mark. Appears to either be a circle cut in half or a circle with a sideways T. Is there any reference material where various foundry marks are described?

image: 80161BF4-0ED2-4062-9507-178EE9EE124E.jpeg


image: E78DC164-A7FD-45F3-BBE1-325C10575915.jpeg


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Thanks for the link!

There are four traditionally published references of which I am aware:

John S. Carroll’s “The Pin Mark” (1961)

The June 1977 number of Herb Harnish’s “Hoosier Hash”

David Lasko’s “Pin Marks, Nicks and Grooves” in the first number of the short-lived publication “Festina Lente”

A few pages in the appendices of Theo Rehak’s “Practical Typecasting.”

The site that Bob Mullen links to above reprints Carroll and Harnish. Your mark is not in them. Lasko and Rehak are in copyright and cannot be reprinted. I’ve checked my copies and cannot find your mark in either of them.

What is the face and the body size?

David M.