Somebody posted this press for free on a local Facebook group. He said that it’s a Markem 45AB but doesn’t know anything else about it. I can’t find anything about it online so I was hoping somebody here might know something about it. Specifically, any information on what a complete one looks like because this one is in rough shape and will probably need repair. Thanks!

image: 44126994_2264482530291709_157574206832246784_n.jpg


image: 44141328_2264482500291712_4599672629828255744_o.jpg


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This looks like a screen printing press, rather than letterpress. I think there are some missing parts, and may be difficult to get back in shape.

Markem did make label printing presses which utilized reciprocating platens for hot stamping and die cutting, but this does not appear to be one of those.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

As You seem to have at least 2 (Maybe more) legend plates, to view, perhaps publish close up shots, for the well versed contributors to examine.
assuming that is mechanically possible, via the compound wheels.gears, cycle the M/c. by hand, gently in either direction and observe which/what links rods appear to be performing which function, i.e. rise and fall, inward/outward thrust, any part describing an Arc or Partial Arc.***
Suggested by and In, both your published shots, the section buried right in the bowels of the machine, a unit that implies, Arc or Partial Arc, movement.!

Any evidence of (possibly) inboard of the main *flywheel* etc., of cog/sprocket, to act as power transmission to or from another unit, as in the wheel away unit for some Press,s.

Silly suggestions, but may prompt good info.

Good Luck. Mick. 17/10/ `18.

This is missing a ton of parts. Hopefully you left it where it was. lol. It is a heat press for marking the bottom of boot soles.