Name that tabletop press…

Hey all, I recently came across this tabletop press. It doesn’t have any indication of what make or model it is. It is missing its chase…and I’d like to find one for it.

image: IMG_1098.jpg


image: IMG_1099.jpg


image: IMG_1101.jpg


image: IMG_1104.jpg


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Possibly a Sigwalt 6”x9” Non-Pareil

What is the width(between the rails) and depth of the bed?

Definitely a Sigwalt Nonpareil! Copy of a Golding Official, but with thicker base and ink disk, simply compression springs on roller hooks, and two large nuts on back of press are key differences. Also, no manufacturer visible on casting as mentioned.

I love the counter on the base - that is a nice extra

In addition to what John said, the most obvious distinction between the earlier made Sigwalt “Nonpareil” & the later Sigwalt “Ideal”, of similar sizes, are the bases. The Nonpareil has the round base, the Ideal has the square.

Almost identical to mine, except for the wood base. I put a counter just like that on mine maybe 40 years ago some while after I got it at Al Frank’s, and I have put a LOT of paper through it. I have two chases, the repaired one that came with it and one from an Ideal I used to have that came to me with two. I had to grind a clearance on the Ideal chase for the Nonpareil’s ink disc but I use both chases about equally. It’s an excellent press. It should have a number stamped on the top center of the bed. Mine says “1”.


Thank you, all!!!