Mounting Base Height(s)

(Please) What are the possibilities and options for Mounting Base heights, for P/P and other etc.
Quick trawl implies .876” but a plus/minus (+/-) must be part of the equation. Thank You in anticipation.?

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You need to take the height of the plate you are going to mount and add the thickness of the adhesive you will use to mount the plate, then subtract that total from .918” (or the type height for your press).

Plate thicknesses I use are .037” and .060”, but some might be different. If you are using steel-backed plates, you just subtract the total plate thickness from the .918” figure as there is not adhesive involved in the mounting (if you are using a magnetic base). Steel-backed plates can be mounted on non-magnetic bases with adhesive, but you will most likely get kinks in the plate upon removal.

Boxcar Press sells adhesive mount bases which are .853” (to mount the .060” plates), and .875” (to mount the .037” plates).

If you find bases close to, but not as high, you can always slip in some packing under the base to bring it to type-high. If the base if too high, you can adjust the rollers and packing to accommodate, but only by a few thousandths of an inch.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Cornerstone solid mount is .849” Cornerstone honeycombe is .748” Two of the polymers available in uk are .95mm and 1.52mm I use honeycomb mount and the deep relief polymer with lead shim but 2mm aluminum plate works with some packing. I have also used Monotype 6x6 high quads with deep relief polymer and 4 thou d/sided adhesive, it is slighty over type high by about 2 thou. Using honeycombe I have printed 4 colour process polymers on my miehle v50

Maybe the spec is here ifyou out Mick….cannot read download pdf on my phone have used .94mm foil backed plates …they were ok…thicker plates are easier….