Arab press serial number ID?

I wonder if there is anyone there that knows where to find a date for my ARAB press? It is serial number 3641 - a solid flywheel model. Perhaps from the 1920’s going by the features and information I have been able to find online? Maybe there is a list of serial numbers somewhere? Any help greatly appreciated.

image: press-platen-arab-1940s.jpg


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Judging by the picture, you’ve already been on the website of British Letterpress. I thought that you might find a number there, but that doesn’t seem to be the case? Have you tried St bride’s in London?

Try Patrick Roe at the Logan Press who is trying to Document Arab History and compile a list of Arab Presses.

The serial no. is on the upper surface of the left hand top connecting rod just inside the the flywheel. If it hasn’t been put on correctly it will be at the back.

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ll try sending Patrick an email.