New Linotype Project

Hey Everyone!

I thought the list might be interested in a new hot metal project I have just started in March. I am releasing a new Linotype cast print everyday for a year, and have somehow made it through the first month!

The idea is to use the now SLOW speed of the Linotype to help bring attention to, and sort through, one item of the days news. More information (including subscriptions!) can be found here:

and each daily print will be posted to instagram @thelinotypedaily

Feedback welcome!

One month in, I am even more amazed that entire daily newspapers were produced this way. 2-4 hours per small paragraph (writing, editing, designing, casting, proofing, correcting, then printing and publishing) seems like NOTHING compared to one major newspaper composing room…



ps. Other/Intertype operators interested in filling in for a sick or vacaLinotypetion day sometime in the next 11 months? Message me!

Dan Wood
[email protected]

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Consider this: The U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington ran the largest battery of linecasting machines in the world (over 120 at the peak). The principal work was the Congressional Record, along with the Federal Register and U.S. Patents. The Record was the equivalent of 4 - 6 metropolitan daily newspapers (in terms of ems), every day that Congress was in session. Copy started being set in mid-afternoon, proof and make up and press continued through the night, and the Record rolled off the presses about 6 the following morning. GPO’s hot metal operation was closed out in the 80s; for the last several years the Record and Federal Register were composed in hot metal from which repro proofs were used to make offset plates. The last day of the Record in hot metal was Jan. 6, 1982.

Good luck with your project!

New Linotype project administrator, URGENTLY requires Re-Melting facilities, for mountain of swarf endangering life and limb under *Lino*
Nice one Good Buddy, & best of luck.

Dan, I see your political bias, so I’m guessing I won’t be seeing an ‘Arrest Hillary” print very soon. How about a “Investigate the Investigators” - that would be inclusive of both sides.

Bppayne: You know that whole freedom of the press thing means You can print anything you want. It’s invigorating and good for you. It’s also a handy way to find out how many folks share your viewpoint. Get ink on your shirt and have fun!

Hi Everyone! Just seeing these responses now. Thanks for the input, and apologies for the VERY delayed response! Project in its 353rd day, and MAN am I tired…

But thank you for the feedback!