Rollers not straight

I recently got this letterpress and it’s been awesome. One this is, the top roller isn’t exactly straight. In the photo, you can see one part is lifted off the rails, and the other is still down.
I know this is an issue with the spring, but the nut to hold the spring in place is all the way on, as far as it goes.

I can post more pictures if needed. Anything will help.

image: IMG_0803.jpeg


image: IMG_0807.JPEG


image: IMG_0808.JPEG


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Few points to check out, bearing in mind that once the rollers begin to traverse the Ink Disc they will lift off the tracks.
Check from the rear, ! is the carriage that carries the rollers in one piece, or sectional and bolted up to act as one.?

Are the 4 hooks all facing the same way, i.e. all 4 up or vice versa, ocassionally seen in 2 up and 2 down format.

Observed from above do all 4 hooks appear to be parallel with the frame of the M/c. implying that possibly the upper right hook may be splayed outward, do all 4 hooks appear to slide in and out, the 3 in one in the background is perhaps offering clues. !

The comparative lengths of the compound of the rollers looks a little suspect, and the alignment of the support wheels/trucks looks a little suspect as well.

As they, the trucks, appear to have locking screws would expect to see all 4 adjusted to sit the trucks atop the rails fairly accurately. ! possibly to the extent of Nylon or Brass spacers at left hand side.

M/c. cycled slowly, when the top/upper roller reaches the highest point on the Ink Disc there should be some free play, with compression to spare on the springs for the rollers.
With the rollers off, do all 4 hooks, extend and retract to the limits of their movement, it is not rocket science to remove all 4 springs and do a comparison test for free length x 4.

Apologies for offering the simple points, but elimination often helps. - Good Luck.

Thank you Mick for all the information, I will check on all of it. I purchased this press from a restoration business just for more info.
The rollers do seem a little weird. The bottom roller seems to be correct with it’s spacing on each end, but the top, no matter how many times I try to get it in the middle, it always veers off to one side.

I added 2 more photos of each side also

Thanks again

it does look like the grub screw on that top roller just isn’t biting and allowing the roller to slide sideways in the truck.

Also, Have you tried flipping the roller hooks 180ยบ, so they point downward instead of up? I had a similar issue on my Golding Official, and doing that change made all the difference.

Craftsman Victory model A big hook. try this
your inkdisk is installed crooked, it is lifting the roller on one side. you do need to center rollers better in trucks.
There are two screws on neck of ink disk holder that will give you a little adjustment where it mounts to base.
if you need more you may need to drill hole a little bigger in mount for more adjustment and possibly ad a washer between mount and base to get a smooth transfer from rails to disk.
that is one of the better small presses to print with.