When was Caslon last cast by Caslon?

I have recently purchased some 48pt Caslon and have been trying to find out which cut and when would it have been cast.

The foundry mark is a long rectangular inset with rounded ends - within is written ‘CASLON48’ - all in caps with no spacing between the letters and numbers.

Anyone have any idea?

image: Small.jpg


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In 1937 SB&Co. acquired the Caslon company and the matrices, if you have a SB&Co. catalogue the one with the red cover their Old Faces are in that with the history of the take over, can’t quite make out from your picture which one it is,


Thanks (John and Liz Sones) - I think it is ‘Caslon Old Face’.

Do you know if SB&Co cast the type with the Caslon mark after 1937?

Many thanks

May well have done because it says in the book in order to preserve the name Caslon they formed a new Company H. W. Caslon Ltd. with headquarters at 33 Aldersgate Street, London, E.C.1, where SB&Co. have been located for more than half a century.

At the same time the Sheffield Foundry took the name of the Caslon Letter Foundry.

Whether they put the Caslon mark on on the type with the mats they acquired I can’t really say,