Multigraph help

I am a fine art print maker and recently picked up this multigraph #60 and one case of type #59 at an estate sale. I seemed to have figured out how it works for the most part. It would seem I missing the form roller which inks the type. I am hoping someone can point in the right direction where I might acquire one, even if it just the core. I am in Wisconsin and work for one of the largest commercial print finishers in the Midwest, so I do have access to folks who could re-cover. I think in worst case scenario I could manually ink as most of my print editions range from 10 to 25. I am also missing the feeder tray, but I think I’m going to make one out of wood

image: IMG_4951.JPG


image: IMG_4949.JPG


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Set up a search alert on eBay for term “multigraph”. Also do a weekly search on “”. There is one in St. Louis right now. It has the part you need, minus rubber.