Creaking Noise on Craftsman Victory

I attached a link to a video of the sound. I oil all moving parts on the press before I use it. This noise has never happened in the past, just recently. It sounds like it’s coming from the center middle but not exactly sure.
Anyone know where this sound might be coming from?

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That link works

Check your gripper mechanism possibly? It usually gets forgotten in the oiling.

@galenasmart Gripper’s have been oiled. Here’s a photo of where I am 95% sure it’s coming from. It’s at the bottom, and it moves the platen. I’ve definitely oiled this many times. The sound only happens when I have the pull bar all the way to the bottom, and the rollers are on the plate.

image: IMG_1171.jpeg


if it moves,,, oil it…. make sure oil is going in. air pressure to oil hole often clears the passage of dirt/debrise

The photo looks like there may have been a welded repair made at some point. Perhaps the repair put things out of their original positions, putting stress on some parts when in particular positions, causing some noise.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Groaning/squeak came from gripper bar spring while under tension as the platen closed. A dab of grease eliminated the annoying squeal.


Sound of a bearing surface without lubrication. Looks like you found it. My Craftsmen made the same sound, but I found it easier to track down because it didn’t make the noise until after I put the grippers on it.