Letterpresses in Dayton, Ohio

There are several letterpresses available at Selz Printing in Dayton, Ohio. The shop has been closed for a year. The owner plans to put the building up for sale soon and wants to move the presses out.

• 12x18 C&P Open press. It does not have an ink fountain. In recent years, it was mainly used for die cutting. This press does not have a variable speed drive. If you’re not comfortable with the one speed it runs at, you might have to invest in an electronic controller or something. Asking $300.

• 12x18 Kluge platen press with automatic feeder and speed control. The press was in regular use until about a year ago. I stopped by on one of the last days the shop was working, and the press was running manila file folders. Mr. Selz is asking $1,000, but will consider reasonable offers.

KSBAZ Heidelberg Cylinder Press 18x23”. This press is unusual. It is a 2-color Heidelberg Cylinder. It prints one color as a traditional flatbed cylinder press, and the other color on a rotary unit. The rotary unit can be used to mount photopolymer plates for printing. If you just want a one-color press, you could probably remove the rotary unit. The press is priced very cheapat $500 because it does have some problems. An employee was working the press and raised the delivery pile too high and had a jam-up. In one photo you can see that some of the fingers in the delivey area are bent up. It may be that a gripper bar is bent, too. Mr. Selz did not run the press after the employee had the accident, so he isn’t sure how much work it would need. The press has its rollers for printing and also has a die cutting jacket.

• Also available, lots of other letterpress items such as furniture (both wood and meta), numbering machines (a gazillion, many styles), type, stone, quoins, light table, GBC binder, etc. Also a couple C&P 10x15 presses which will need work, and a 12x18 Kluge webflow, and several Miehle Verticals with various problems.

If interested, contact Mr. Selz. His phone number is 937-228-9411 (around lunchtime is best), and his email is [email protected]. You can also contact me for more information or photos. Gregory Walters at [email protected].

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