Chandler & Price Old Style 8x12 For Sale

Need to have sold and moved ASAP. Asking $2500 OBO.
Selling my beautiful press in working condition. I’m heartbroken to part with it; I purchased it 2 years ago with plans to start a business, but life circumstances took an unexpected turn and I can no longer pursue that. Want it to go to a great home.
Currently well-packaged and on a palette ready to move. Matte black with pretty gold pinstriping on the flywheel.
No parts need to be replaced, rollers were new at purchase.
Only repair that needs to be made is the arm on the little side feeding table which broke during shipping.
You are responsible for pick up. Upon request I can send video of the press in action. It was the prior owner’s primary trusty workhorse, until she upgraded to a larger size press. Call or text please.

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