Ink Fountain

Hello friends,

My dad and I are trying to figure out how to mount an ink fountain to our 8x12 C&P. We have the fountain part but are missing the attaching parts/rods. Google search has not turned up any photos. I am wondering if anyone with a similar setup and fountain can send some photos our way? If we can see what the parts are and how they can move together, my dad thinks he should be able to make the rest of the parts we need. Thanks for any help!

I can’t get my photos of our fountain/press to upload to the post… Here is a dropbox folder with four photos in it:


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The new series short fountain bracket mounts to the ink disk frame, and is bolted to the hole just to the right of the disk in your photo # 4. There is an image of one in place on page eight of this catalog:

A short fountain *with bracket* was offered for sale on Briar Press not too long ago:

I had a full-size fountain on my 8x12, and it was mounted on a cast-iron frame, bolted to the press. I removed it, since it is only useful if you are running the press all day, every day, and with the same color ink. Unless you regularly have long runs, you probably don’t need one.