Press Identification

Hi guys!

I just bought my own plate press but I can not find any mark or brand. Do you maybe know what brand it is? Or maybe a replica?

It also looks like I am missing the ratchet pal/lever for the ink plate, or am I wrong?


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It looks like a Degener & Weiler (D&W), later Liberty Machine Works (LMW), American press - which specific model depends on the chase size. It could also be a knockoff of those.

EDIT: Yes, it does look like you’re missing the ratchet pawl.

Thanks for the information!

Degener & Weiler made Liberty presses in the USA until Degener died, and the company became F. M. Weiler. Weiler moved the company to Germany as F. M. Weiler Liberty Machine Works, and continued to build and improve the Liberty, but he also made this press there— as far as I know it was only offered in Europe. Yours looks to be in very good condition, lacking the pawl. You can probably make one or a machinist could.

If you can find a copy of the Spring 2007 (Number 10) issue of the Journal of the Printing Historical Society, it has an article by Erik Desmyter and me about the Liberty and Fred Otto Degener and F. M. Weiler. We listed 37 known Liberty presses worldwide at that time, and several additional ones have turned up since.

Bob Oldham

Liberty Machine Works put the model number in the casting and had a large weight. There were several presses of similar design.

I am currently disassembling the press for a new layer of paint. I have turned every piece upside down but can not find any mark on the parts. However the base of the press looks similar as an F.M Weiler no7, see photo:

I assume that this is not an original?

It might be an original. I’m not too familiar with the No. 7 (I have a D&W No. 6), but there’s a No. 7 in this photo gallery ( ) that doesn’t seem to have any info cast into it, so maybe it’s common for the No. 7 to be like that.

It could also be a knockoff, or an original with a 3rd-party replacement part.

The No 7 has the number and name in the casting, there are two versions the No 7 and the Americano 7.