C&P 8x12 sidearms; 12x18 tympans, ink plate rotation assmbly

Decades ago we kept some parts from 8x12 and 12x18 Chandler & Price presses. (I have a box of small bolts etc. if you are looking for a small part), Two sidearms from 8x12”, appear to be identical, 26” overall length, holes are 23.5” center to center, holes are 1 1/4”. One has oil holes and one has zerks. I think they both are off the left side as we used one on our good 8x12 and a photo I have of it shows a gray sidearm on the left.$30 each plus UPS. I probably have the bolts and round covers for these. Also have precut 12x18 tympans, probably 100 or 150, $10 plus shipping for 50, better deal if you take them all. Assembly that rotates the ink plate, from the color I think it’s off a 12x18, but possibly off the 8x12, contact me if interested. Actual UPS (or mail on the tympans) - no markup. Payment by Paypal or postal MO, USA only please.

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image: P1011073.JPG


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