Step up KF95 to KF152 Wash and Exposure Time

I have been processing KF95 with 4min Exposure / 3min Wash / 10min Dry successfully.

If I want to process KF152, how long exposure, wash and dry time should be.

Also Can anyone tell me how long after exposure should be in KF95/152? I do 10min After Exposure in KF95.

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Try a 15% increase in overall exposure time, same with processing/wash unless you’re already maxing that out at 5 minutes.

@HeavinPress Thank you.

About the “unless maxing out at 5 min”, do you mean that any processing time shouldn’t be over 5 minutes?

Accurate exposure and washout times are documented by the manufacturer in an instruction sheet and should be furnished to you by your distributor or can usually be obtained free online from the manufacturer’s website. They want you to have this information so that you will enjoy using their product. These instructions will tell you the exact exposure you need using a 21 step Stouffer scale. You lay the scale on a sample strip of polymer and expose and develop it. You will then know the exact exposure you are getting with your equipment and you can adjust to get the correct time. It will also tell you the correct washout time. If you don’t have these instructions, you most likely won’t be able to correct for fading UV bulbs or polymer that has become fast or slow because of things like storage temperature or age and might lead to plate issues or wasted product. I always lay a Stuffer scale on the side when I make a plate and it’s especially important when using a new batch of polymer to check exposure.

@Bruce cpd Thank you.
I will review the instruction and use a Stouffer scale to reevaluate processing.