Intertype machine with magazines and matts

Intertype C-3 , for sale. also selling Print shop equipment.
Tom Mocks, Intertype, with new rollers, and several magazines of mats. Also a pot to melt pigs and a mold for doing that. Close down of Artistan Press left us with this piece of equipment. As well as the rest of the print shop equipment. that it supported. ,Just Letterpress. .. .
The machine is clean and in working condition, was used to cast type for Westinghouse business cards and call memos,, RS Hughes printed ads, customer identification on plastic die cut products,Painters Union contract books, ad, booklets, etc.Like said earlier. This Machine came form a Union newspaper Shop, In Mountain View CA. when we got it. .
Selling this Intertype as listed for $2,500
Our current Business is being broken up and sold so we will be closing down in 2021 if interested in making an offer on this machine or what is left of the print shop.( Just to much to list) call us. .


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