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Chino Crafts ( Cheeno )

From 9500 Ft. to you …

Lokta paper is handmade from Lokta plant barks sourced from the high Himalayan foothills of Nepal . For centuries this paper has found favor with Nepalese royalties . Being strong and safe with insects , holy religious scriptures were hand written on it ; so were important court rulings and legal documents for safe keeping .

The paper is proven to react and hold ink exceptionally well ; it can come in thin and thick grades with a unique surface feel which can’t be matched by other commonly produced cotton, wood based handmade papers .

Chino Crafts has been supplying this paper to its customers worldwide. We will be
pleased to answer your queries if any . Thanks .

image: IMG_2286 (2).JPG

IMG_2286 (2).JPG