Two 8” x 12” Chandler & Price Old Style Presses

Two Old Style Chandler & Price printing presses for sale:

Press on left: 8”x12” platen-stamped 1887. This press is missing a foot treadle and belt, and requires new rollers. Press frame is in good condition without cracks or repairs. some surface rust. Press has always been stored indoor. Flywheel is 32” in diameter. Overall press dimensions are 44” long, 52” high, and 33” wide.
Pick up only.
asking $1,000, or best offer

Press on right: Old Style Chandler & Price with 8”x 12” platen.
This press has an unorginal treadle- manufactured in house and an operational belt. Roller cores are intact, but may require recovering. Press frame in good condition with very little surface rust and has been stored indoors. Flywheel is 32” in diameter. The press measures 42” long x 50” high x 32” wide.
pickup only.
asking $1,500 or best offer.

Presses are located in the Lawrence Arts Center in downtown Lawrence, KS. email or call with aditional questions- aditional photos available

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