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Hello all

Just wondering if any of you good folks out there could help with a question? I have an Arab press and for years a bag of parts which I haven’t been able to identify. Can any of you help at all? I was told they were part of the additional ink duct but I’m struggling to find pictures which help support this. Kindest regards in advance, K

image: E2DCC7B9-BAD9-4DB1-AD25-829AD795E1FD.jpeg


image: 67E7C45B-C499-4FD8-8638-9E182956D4F3.jpeg


image: A03B6491-1483-4F9E-9A5C-DCCE165ECA06.jpeg


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Patrick Roe at the Logan Press has an enlarged exploded diagram which will show all these parts. Big piece to left looks like part of the clutch mechanism. Not sure on rest.

I can send you the PDFs of the Arab parts. They have a higher resolution. Send me an e-mail…

image: Pages from arabparts-2.jpg

Pages from arabparts-2.jpg

image: Pages from arabparts.jpg

Pages from arabparts.jpg