Roller Hook Question - Golding Jobber #6

Hi all -

I recently completed my restoration of a Jobber #6. I started test printing using a boxcar base, learning the ins / outs of the press and spending quality time crafting my make ready.

However, I noticed that the right side of the middle roller when installed was not making contact with the ink disk when it was rolling on the middle portion of the ink disc. It was not an issue when it was fully extended on top of the disk or the lower portion of the disk. The rollers are new and have only been used a handful of times. I store them on hooks on a wall - so no issue with one side settling. Also, I noticed that the right roller hook curve is flatter / interior curve is wider than the other roller hooks. I don’t know if this is the sole source of the problem because when I push down on the hook, the roller makes better contact with the disk.

So my questions are two-fold: Does the roller hook curve make a difference or not? Has anyone else has experienced this issue and does it matter to fix the hook curve? Should I just replace the roller hook? Any insights or observations are much appreciated. Attaching pics here: pic 1/ no roller attached on middle hook; shown on right profile, pic 2: roller attached on middle hook; shown in right profile, Pic 3: roller attached on middle hook; shown from top.

Thanks for all the advice.


image: no_roller_hook_Profile.jpg


image: roller_hook_Profile.jpg


image: Roller_Hook_Right_Top.jpg


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The hook is a bit worn, but that doesn’t look bad enough to cause the problem you’re having. Since you say you can push the hook in further it sounds like the roller hook isn’t fully retracting into the roller arm. There are a few possibilites.

Have you oiled the holes in the roller arms the hooks run in? A few drops of oil on each may help the hooks to slide freely. Another possibility is if the hook is slightly bent and binding up in it’s travel somewhere. Check along the length of the hook for any subtle curvature. Also, there’s a small tab at the inside bottom of the hook that slides in a slot in the roller arm. Check that for binding and oil lightly if needed. Finally, the hook spring may be weak. Does that hook feel noticably easier to pull out than the others?

Oh, and if it does become necessary you can bend the hooks in-place carefully using a propane or MAPP torch and tongs. I’ve done it on our Jobber #7. You can see a photo of the process at the link below. In our case, this was to open the hooks back out. The machine had been used for many years for die-cutting without rollers and the hooks had gotten smashed at some point.

As you can see, our roller hooks are much more worn than yours. They worked fine once I could fit rollers in ‘em!

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

I have seen that mostly on Goldings if the ink disk is not square to the roller arms. you will have to try shimming the mount for the disk and see what affect it has. and check if roller arms are equal to each other. also after running for regular everyday using things start settling in its place.

Thanks mephits and toddspresstime for the feedback and sage advice!

Mephits: I oiled and checked the movement of the springs. The oil helped with some of the springs/hooks moving easier. Thankfully, the hooks are straight so no blow torch in my near future!

toddspresstime: I went back to my photos when I first acquired the press and noticed that the right roller hooks were reinstalled incorrect order. Swapped the placement of the hooks and they are better aligned / equal to each other.

I’ll run the press tomorrow with ink, assess the impact of the changes and shim the ink disk if needed.

Thanks again for the help! It means so much to a new printer/enthusiast like myself to tap into this community for knowledge and support of this craft.


image: Roller_hooks_reorder_oiled.jpg


Not sure if this is any help, but here are some pictures of the roller hooks on my Golding #6, both with and without rollers. They seem to pull most of the way in. Good luck

image: golding3.jpg


image: golding2.jpg


image: golding1.jpg