Shaded Metal Font?

Howdy! I bought this drawer with a shaded/shadow font labeled “Kathryn.” I have three sizes (24, 36, 48) in uppercase only.

Any clue as to what typeface it is? I have tried to google and research with little luck.

Thank you!

image: kathryn-2.jpg


image: kathryn-1.jpg


image: kathryn-3.jpg


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“Shadow” ATF N0. 589, c. 1934

Looks like ATF 589, Shadow, which came in 24, 36, and 48 caps and figures.

Yep…SHADOW love yer nails….correct color for a printerlady!!! Bud

Love that everyone is so knowledgeable—the best community around. Thanks to all! Very helpful!!

Also, are there certain websites, archives, or books you use for type identification/specimens?

Would love to learn more!

This would be the first book I would recommend. It shows complete alphabets and histories for every typeface which was cast in metal in the USA in the 20th century, as well as a few foreign ones.

After you buy McGrew’s, the next best book is Rookledge’s Typefinder:

Since I don’t have access to my library right now, but recognized an ATF face, I went to look for later ATF specimens here:
There isn’t another site that has gathered as much original documentation of typesetting.