Typeface identification

I’d posted this on Facebook and the ever-helpful Michael Vickey weighed in, saying he felt it was likely a 19th century example, but I wouldn’t object to further thoughts from anyone else. When I acquired this as part of a print shop purchase, it was haphazardly labeled Greco, but doesn’t match the Greco Bold in the McGrew book (though similar in a few respects). Has the alternate E shown (there may be others, but I didn’t touch every piece of type). This is a 10pt set. I have the same set in 6pt, as well. No foundry ID that I could see. It is not an outline font. Have spent long enough searching fruitlessly. Thanks for any and all feedback. The E, A, S, 2, 3, and 5 were the specific characters/figures I was keying in on.

image: 615AD83B-960F-4EDD-81F1-3CC9197FBE73.jpeg


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Make a synopsis - showing all Letters and sorts, lock it up, pull a proof and post it, easier to id that way, the turn of the century was polluted with Fonts like that.

Wow! This did take a while to slueth out. Your face is Sierra, designed by Gustave Schroeder n 1896 for the Pacific States Type Foundry in California. The J is also very unque and there should be an alternate R as well. Rick

Rick, thank you so much. I really appreciate the effort. I’ll look for the alternate R today. Sorry about the delay in extending my thanks! All the best to you!