At Home Starting Kit - Kelsey 9x13 & Ludlow Type Cabinet

I owned a fully operational letterpress shop and when I closed down, I kept enough equipment to have an at home set up. However, I no longer have space to use this equipment. Looking to sell it to a good home.

What’s included:
- Completely restored this Kelsey 9x13 press (still needs rollers)
- Ludlow Type Cabinet (About half full of lead type)
- Full Furniture Cabinet (Mostly wood, a couple metal)
- Various rubber based inks, a couple metallic oil based
- A lot of paper - Mohawk Strathmore, Cranes Lettra, envelopes
- 1 Chase, quoins, keys, wood type, etc. all the essentials for setting type and running this table top press.

Please see photos for condition. Everything is in great shape and has been stored out of the elements. I would need you to pick up (no delivery available) in the Richmond, VA area.

Please note, this is a large table top press, it is cast iron and weighs about 200lbs.

Asking $2,500 for everything. After 30 Days will take highest offer!

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image: Kelsey 9x13

Kelsey 9x13

image: Ink Plate and Bed Detail

Ink Plate and Bed Detail

image: Paint Detail

Paint Detail

image: Shop Bits and Bobs

Shop Bits and Bobs

image: Leading etc.

Leading etc.

image: Lead Type

Lead Type

image: Full Furniture Cabinet

Full Furniture Cabinet

image: Furniture


image: Ink


image: Extra Paper

Extra Paper

image: Extra Paper

Extra Paper

image: Boxes of Paper

Boxes of Paper