Vandercook 317 and accessories

Selling a Vandercook 317 press in great condition and fully working. Asking $7500, but open to reasonable offers.

In addition to the press, I’ll include anything I have to help get you started (including but not limited to):
- a large 9x12 boxcar base
- various furniture, reglets, quoins, keys, etc
- a box of inks
- assorted packing
- I believe I also have the ink fountain piece that goes with the press, however I have not personally used it for my own printing

The press has some slight rusting on the shelves, but otherwise is in great condition. When I purchased it, the Hicks Brothers included a one-time roller recover at no cost which I have not cashed in. Happy to try to help facilitate that if interested.

The press is located ground-level in a garage. I have someone local who I could recommend to help move it if necessary.

The press was purchased in 2014 from the Hicks Brothers in CA. I moved it across the country with me to its current home in Montclair NJ. Facing yet another relocation and coming to terms with the fact that my small children do not give me as much time for printing as I’d like, it’s sadly time for it to move to its new home.

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