Recommendation of European suppliers

First of all, many thank all the info you people post here! It has solved so many doubts already.

I jumped on a deal for a Heidelberg windmill 10x15.
The machine is in pretty good condition, and as part of the deal I got a set of brand new (4) rollers, chases and other accessories.

I am missing the oil gun, but I’ve seen those are available.
Since I can’t properly oil it and don’t want to run it without it, I’ve taken the time to know each other over the last month… I have been reading the manual, cleaning it as a way to see, touch, and understand all its parts, etc…

Most of what I read are USA based recommendations, and although certainly some specialty stuff can be shipped to Europe, for some basic things doesn’t make sense to pay extra shipping/import fees plus the long wait.

I was wondering if some of you have EU suppliers. And if you even know of somebody in Spain the better.

I am mainly looking for paper and ink suppliers, as well as plate-maker and make-ready materials.


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Hi DP, Heidelberg are still very much in business, and your local agent firm in Spain should at the very least be helpful.
I think it highly likely that windmill spares are still available.