Krause embossing press?


I am trying find more about the history of this press. It came via a friend in Cumbria, and before that, it belonged to a printmaker in Blindcrake near Cockermouth, Cumbria, and before that, it came from Liverpool. I have no idea what it was used for originally, possibly leather stamping/diecutting/blind embossing?

The maker’s mark has been ground off (German make, possibly controversial during the war?) I have seen Krause presses with similar mechanisms but no similar casting or lifting ring at the top.

Thank you

image: IMG_20200918_151007316.jpg


image: IMG_20200918_153234454.jpg


image: IMG_20200918_151029968.jpg


image: IMG_20200918_151044636.jpg


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You can download the entire catalogue of Krause here:

Thank you, that is really useful. I’ll have a trawl.