Chicago 11

I got this small tabletop letterpress from an estate sale and wanted to check with the experts to see if it was missing anything. From my internet sleuthing, I am fairly positive it is a Sigwalt Chicago 11. I oiled it and did some general maintenance but I am an absolute newbie to letterpress.
I know the rollers are in rough shape but other than that did I miss anything else? Also any clue on how to add new rubber to rollers or source?

image: BD846E73-EB7A-4562-8423-4DEE5729E1E0.jpeg


image: FE430D3B-6313-49CF-ADD0-3954045FCF27.jpeg


image: 926432CD-A803-4ED0-A71F-ECA121BF4B78.jpeg


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Ramco Rollers in San Dumas, CA.
Nice people. Good rollers. Call them.

it is a Sigwalt Chicago 11
looks complete
all new rollers in stock
click on my name to send message.