Type Identification

Trying to identify this typeface. Photo is taken from the online listing, I manipulated it a bit to try and make it clearer. It seems like an obvious one but I’m blanking. Any help or specimens would be appreciated!

image: s-l1600.jpg


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Looks like Franklin Gothic to me.

Looks like Franklin Gothic to me.

Darrell thats what I was thinking too but all I have to match it to is the digital version and the “a” and “g” are a tiny bit different. It might be a weight that was never translated to digital so I’ve been trying to find it in old specimen books to no avail

May be ?

image: SAM_1040.JPG


image: SAM_1041.JPG


If one looks at the lower case ‘g’ the forelock seems to curl more in a Trump direction on one, compared to the other,
but maybe thats just fake news!

The first picture is not Franklin Gothic Italic.

Dead giveaways are the “e” “s” “t” and the “y”

Also, in the original photo, there are at least 2 different fonts represented (note different 5’s).