Furnival Express

Hello, in the earl days of learning the craft and been playing around with a couple of Adana’s. Looking to take plunge into something a little bigger and have found a chap near me selling a Furnival Express. Unfortunately he has had removed from his workshop and palletised as he needed the space to get another machine in. Visually it looks good, rollers etc, chase, no cracks in the frame. I just cant fine an awful lot online about the machine and how good it may or may not be. Does anyone have any experience of them ?
Appreciate any assistance.
Kind regards

image: Furnival.png


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It looks like it has a drive clutch and safety guard. Nice to have and very uncommon.

We have a yet-to-be-recommissioned Foolscap one in Wellington, NZ as well as a small Wharfedale style Furnival. Ours is not as nice as that one (looks more like a Crown) yet and doesn’t have the guard. They seem very well made.