Tabletop Letterpress

This was my first letterpress, which I purchased from someone on Briar Press in 2012. It has been a great press but now I have restored a floor model and it’s time to move this on to someone else who will enjoy it. The original seller called it a Craftsman Style table top press. There are no markings on it that indicate manufacturer. I have printed hundreds, if not thousands of notecards on it. I am selling it with 1 chase and 2 rollers. The inside dimensions of the chase are 8.25 x 5.25 inches. I have two drawers of metal type - both small, 8 and 12 pt. that I have not used and if the buyer is interested in them, would include them in the sale. Asking $1000 pickup in Davis, California. Ruler for scale only.

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image: FrontView.jpg


image: SIdeView.jpg


image: BackView.jpg


image: TopView.jpg


image: FrontView2.jpg


image: ViewChaseRollers.jpg


image: PressureControlScrew.jpg


image: ChaseRollers.jpg