Kluge press and letter trays - Worcester MA

Updating post to provide more information and remove items that have sold!

The C&P Presses are still available. The flywheels will have to be removed in order to get them out of the ramped bulkhead (no stairs). One is old style 10x15 and the second is new style 12x20 with a Kluge pneumatic feeder and powered by a Kimble motor. They both work and are in great condition. Will need new rollers.

There are 17 Keystone Trays and 24 Hamilton Trays available - all in great condition.

The type in the drawers:
Bridal script (12, 14, 18)
Swing bold (18, 24, 30)
Style script (14, 24)
Styme (12, 14)
Brush (18, 24)
Spire 36
Plenty of spacers

My grandfather was a printer from the 1920s to his passing in 1998. We have all of his machines, tools, trays, etc. and would really love for them to go to someone who will use them! They worked perfectly in 1998 (the last thing we printed was his funeral card) but havent been used since. Given the challenge in moving these, we are willing to negotiate on offers as local pick up is going to be necessary. Please review the photos and reach out. Thank you!

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