61 type cases in 5 solid maple type frames

Four full size solid maple Thompson Cabinet Co. frames, 12 cases per frame, comprising: California = 35; Quadruple = 2; triple = 1; Double = 2; Adjustable = 2; Open for storage = 6.
One solid maple Thompson Cabinet Co. frame with 13 cases, two-thirds size,, comprising: California = 10; leads and slugs or reglets = 2; plus one extra California.
The frames are all in excellent clean undamaged condition, dating from the 1960-70s; 48 of the cases were made for the frames, and 12 are antique cases in the newer frame. All cases clean and undamaged, the 48 more recent ones are “as new.” These are attractive cabinet quality frames and cases, much lighter and easier to move than the oak or steel cabinets. If desirable, the frames can be disassembled. Images upon request. Local pickup only. 90 minutes from NYC; 60 minutes from Philadelphia. Price: $4500

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