Platemaker operation manual

Hello everyone. I am looking for any type of instruction manual for a photo polymer plate maker that I just picked up. It is a 2005 polydiam platemaker model plx-A4-i7 serial no xi7-4033.v3 there is no reference to this model on the company website. It has the full wash up & exposure unit.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Ian

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I don’t have a manual, but these kind of machines are pretty easy to use. For the metal backed plates I use, exposure is around 6 min. washout about 6-7 min at 20 degrees C.
Expose, washout, put right under the dryer section, check with a magnifying glass after it dries a few minutes, if it all looks washed out right, post expose- no vacuum needed- for another 6 min, done.
Run some tests for best times for your setup. may need a little more or less washout time- enough to clear it all, but not much longer.

Not familiar with this make, but the Polimero has a safety switch to protect the heating elements of the washout bath, say if someone turns it on without water in the bath. It is hidden inside, below the bath, so some disassembly is needed for a reset.

I got the manual from Polydiam in PDF form. They have been a great company to deal with for my questions. I highly recommend them to anyone over in the UK.