Heidelberg windmill wash up blade unit help


I hope you’re all well? I’ve finally got my windmill up and printing. However, it didn’t come with a wash up unit. I’ve managed to find a spare blade and a trough. But lack the other parts. Could someone please send me a photo of the unit. Also, if anyone has built one I’d love some tips.

Thanks again everyone, all your contributions have taught me so much (actually, everything)


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Look on Letterpress Commons for their Heidelberg 10 x 15 Parts Manual. You’re missing the handle and the ball that goes on the end. I’d be looking for a complete unit.

Whittenburg sells them complete I think

Yup, I found one https://whittenburginc.com/product/sludge-trough/
Sludge Trough
SKU: T06102 Category: Platen / Windmill Parts

I’d be looking for a deal on a used one.

Thanks everyone!