Roller Core and Trucks

I’ve read a few articles and it seems that some trucks are secured to the roller core and some spin independent of the core. I’ve seen a Craftsman with the trucks secured and a Kelsey with them not, both tabletop models. Is there a preferred choice or do both ways have a different reason for them? Thank you.

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Roller trucks should be secured to the cores. Then the rolllers will be rotating at the correct speed when they contact the type (or plate).

If the trucks are not secured and the rollers are allowed to “free-wheel,” they might be turning too slow and will tend to wipe some of the ink off the plate near the plate edges, until by contact with the plate, they speed up to the right speed.

As a temporary fix, I’d run type high material offsides to keep the rollers turning with the form.
A better solution is to buy the trucks and rollers on NA Graphics. Type Kelsey in the search bar. Hope this helps.

Thank you. That makes sense to me. That would also apply as to applying tape to worn down rails to bring the rollers back to type high.

Yes, and I would also lay a straight edge across the roller and truck to make sure they are the same diameter, or darn close to it.

There is no one right answer, it depends on the make of press. Some press manufacturers had retaining pins in the cores to hold the trucks in place others did not. Also the roller diameter is not the same as the trucks on some presses, it varies between makes.
Find somebody with the same make/model and ask what works for them.

A question, what are the definitive diameters of the rollers and ’ trucks’ on an ordinary Adana 8 x 5 press. ? Any
info out there?