Heidelberg GT - Steel Reciprocating Roller

Another roller questions from me - hope you guys can help.

I have a Heidelberg GT (13×18), which was provided with a steel reciprocating roller. I’ve had a recurring issue with how it fits into its slot with its accompanying rubber top roller.

Now I suspect that the reciprocating roller that I have might have been fitted - by a previous owner - with Heidelberg T parts (bearer and guidering) and not with the proper GT bearer and guidering. It produces quite a bit of “play” as the presumed T bearer is quite a lot narrower than GT bearers. Can someone confirm this - and if you have a GT, would you mind posting a photo of what your steel reciprocating roller looks like?
Thanks everyone!

image: 01.jpg


image: 02.png


image: 03.png


image: 04.jpg


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Guidering? I think i learned a new word? ;)

Ha ha, yes! I believe that that the parts catalogue had it as Führungsring or guide ring. Two words, not one. I was lazy.

I think you may have fallen down a rabbit hole. There is nothing wrong with a little slop, especially the steel roll pressed to a rubber roll in the inker. As long as nothing binds and it oscillates you’re fine. Not sure why the bearers are being discussed at all. There are plenty of parts that are used from the “T” platen so don’t be surprised.

The only reason I’m mentioning the pump-side small Windmill bearer attached to the steel roller is that the slots are clearly sized for GT bearers (and thus wider) and using two different bearers produce uneven pressure on the top rubber roller that is in contact with the drum. It also seems to cause issues with the one-press lifting of the top rolls.

GT “bushings” - not bearers- are different from T. GT are longer.

Hi Nick,
I actually meant to write “bearing.” If you’re talking about the metal parts that slide onto the steel roller ends (as depicted in the third photo above), I’ve heard heard them referenced as both bushing and bearing. I’m using the term for it found in the parts list. I have both the T and the GT bearing versions and the former is the same length but narrower and has two holes instead of one. I was just interested in learning what other GT owners’ reciprocating roller assemblies looked like.