Complete print shop built around Albion hand press

Offering a turn-key print shop with everything required to get started.

Selling as a single lot only. All equipment and materials to be removed before August 31 with the buyer responsible for arranging rigging and transportation. The print shop is located on The Sea Ranch, CA (Sonoma County). See below for a detailed list of contents. Please send serious inquiries via DM.

1862 Hopkinson & Cope Albion hand press
Platen 22 1/2” x 28”, with 5 chases

Vandercook No. 32 Roller Series Proof Press
Maximum form: 13 3/8″ × 26″
includes inking carriage

Other equipment, tools, and materials:

Hamilton Oak Type cabinet with foundry type
Stephenson Blake Perpetua, 99% brand-new, never inked. Sizes range from 14pt (multiple heavy cases) to 48pt.
A few other cases of Stephenson Blake foundry type

Hamilton cabinet top work surface
Metal, includes adjustable lead and slug rack

Reglet rack with reglet
10-51pica, mostly unused

Furniture rack with furniture
2-10 pica wide, 10-60 pica long, mostly unused

Galley rack
9x12, 100 positions
Contains 14 galleys

Paper turtle

Rouse lead and slug cutter

2 Rouse composing sticksbrand new35 pica and 58 pica

3 Solvent cans and fire safety can

2 Paper humidors

2 marble inking stones on fitted tables

Bulk spaces and quads 12-48pt
Oil based ink -10 1 lb. cans plus misc. tubes
Quoins with wrenches
Makeready supplies (pressboard, paste, etc)
4 paper flattening ingots

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