EXAKT-A Proof Press ID assistance

hello everyone,

the institution where i work recently acquired a proof/galley press that we are having difficulty identifying. i have contacted many printing/technology museums in Europe and they have no information.

the only name we can find on the press is “EXAKT-A” and on the underside of the casting of the bed it has the numbers “55-06”.

the person we acquired it from said that it was purchased in Leipzig. the press looks post-WW2 and I thought it might be from East Germany. i was wondering if anyone here would know anything (anything at all!) about the press or company that manufactured it.

i’m attaching two images of the press and was wondering if anyone had any information or leads that i could follow up.

greg smith

image: EXAKT-A-1.jpg


image: EXAKT-A-2.jpg


image: IMG_2653.jpg


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VEB Polygraph was the Head Organization for all graphic Machinery Manufacturing in the DDR. If you’re Lucky, you find a Manufacturers Catalog in the used Book Trade.

But that is a slim possibility.

thanks typenut,
a curator at one of the museums gave me a list of press manufacturers in the DDR and one is still in business. i’m going to contact them next.