Searching for Miehle Vertical V-45 Manual

We have a beautiful Miehle Vertical V-45 that we’re keen to get up and running. I have searched all over the internet for a manual for the V-45 but can’t find a thing! We have the V-50 manual, but there are quite a few differences between the two. Has anyone come across a V-45 manual that they could share?

I’ve run Heidelberg Windmills, C&Ps and a Asbern Proof Press for 10+ years, so I’m muddling my way through figuring out the Miehle Vertical. My first challenge is the paper feed – I miss all the adjustments from the Windmill!

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I have run a v45 many years ago and a v50 very recently and paper feed is much the same from memory. The knack is getting the blower to separate the sheets and setting the wire tongues to give enough resistance, just like the windmill and using the right suckers to match the weight of stock.

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Get a V50 manual. The biggest difference between the V45 and V50 is the blower. Except for central lubrication and certain adjustable items (like the adjustable air blower on the V50s at least), there is very little operational differences between the various presses of the Vertical series.

A lot of what makes the feeder work (or not) is sheet separation and choice of sucker feet (a large variety of these are essential). You generally want the central blower to be just lifting a couple sheets, its main purpose is to help “strip” a sheet from the pile as it is lifted by the suckers.

The amount a sheet “slips” in the suckers (or is late in delivery to the cylinder grippers) will inform you of the need for a stronger sucker, more air blast in that corner, a back corner standard limiting free sheet movement or side standards set too tight to the pile. In a fashion the Miehle feeder can be maddening, but if you can develop the intuition to get it set up for a particular stock, it is a joy to run, and run, and run.

I have a manual for the Miehle Vertical V-36. If it would help you, I could send you a copy as a .pdf file. Perhaps you could interpolate what changes were made between the models and come up with a pseudo V-45 instruction manual.

There are more similarities than differences, and once you read the manual and get some time on the press, you will find its operation intuitive. I’ve operated both a V-36 and a V-45, and wasn’t lost when I went from one to the other.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

I had dreadful feeder problems with my V-50 and every job seemed to present different problems. I took a gamble and bought the Big Foot feeder set up. The first couple of jobs were tricky but then when set up properly, most of the feeding problems were gone. I’ve been using the Big Foot now for almost 30 years, and I have been enthusiastically selling them for almost 25 years. My Vertical has a good pedigree, having been sold to me by George Mills, author of Platen Press Operations. I’ve never run a V-36 or V-45, But they are very similar in operation.