sigwalt clean up

Hello! Long time reader, first time poster.

I just inherited this Sigwalt No. 4 “ideal”. As far as I know, it’s been sitting in a storage room for the last couple decades.
As you can see it needs a good cleaning. Is this something I can do by hand with some steel wool, cleaner and elbow grease?
What would you recommend to make it look brand new(ish) again?
I’m sorry if this is covered in another post, but there are so many to look through, it’s hard to find one related.
Thank you for your help!

image: unnamed-2.jpg


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I would give it a bath, after removing the paper on the platen, in kerosene with a soft scrub brush to get the grime off. Be careful not to damage the painted decorations on the sides if they are still there — if not it has probably been repainted at some time. The bed and ink disc can be cleaned up with steel wool during the kerosene bath. (“Newish” can be a trap — it is after all a tool :-) The kerosene will dry leaving a protective oily film. Then oil all the moving parts. If you found the chase with it you are ready to print!


Thank you Bob, I appreciate your help!