Special Casting of 1955 Klingspor Cocktail Ornaments

There is an opportunity for a special casting of Cocktail Ornaments from the Klingspor type foundry, which were originally released in 1955 and have likely not been cast in many decades. This is the last opportunity to cast these before Rainer Gerstenberg closes his Frankfurt type foundry at the end of this year.

After poring through the ornament pieces, sizes, weights, costs, and shipping details, I have come up with an offering to gauge interest and solicit orders. There is a lower price if you order in advance by 10/31/21, with a 50% deposit due to secure your order.

There are two different ornament sets.

For Set #1, there are 80 Pieces 18 pt. x 36 pt. and 24 pieces 36 pt. x 36 pt. Total length = 192 Cicero (approximately 204 Picas, or 34”).

Discounted cost for advance orders by 10/31/21: $190
Post-casting cost (if available): $220

For set #2, there are 132 Pieces 18 pt. x 18 pt. Total length = 198 Cicero (approximately 210 Picas, or 35”)

Discounted cost for advance orders by 10/31/21: $100
Post-casting cost (if available): $115

50% deposit required for advance-order discount

Balance due prior to shipping, plus shipping cost of about $9 for one set by priority mail in the USA, plus tax in California (lowest shipping costs to be quoted based on final order size after arrival).

All sizes are in Didot Points.
- Didot Points and Ciceros (Cicero is equal to 12 Didot Points, similar to the Pica) are about 6% larger than Anglo-American Points and Picas.

All type is Anglo-American height 0.918”

Didot Quads are available for spacing: $5 per 36-pica line, containing 18 Point Em Quads, 16 pieces, and 18 Point En Quads, 16 pieces

Images attached with detail of pieces from Klingspor/Stempel specimens.

If interested email me to confirm ordering details.


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image: Cocktail-ornaments.jpg


image: Cocktail-ornaments-specimen2.jpg


image: IMG_3701.JPG


image: IMG_3699.jpg


image: IMG_3698.jpg


image: IMG_3696.JPG