Composing stick prices

Hi, what sort of price should one pay for a composing stick? The ones I see on ebay are either priced in the three figures, or I’m quickly outbid if they are lower, and I get the impression that these are precious antiques, and those prices represent more of a collector’s market than they do the useful value of the tool. Are there more mundane, but good quality, composing sticks that are priced more reasonably? My press will only be 5x8, so I don’t need a long one.


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I just did an eBay search for “composing stick” and found there were many sold in the past three months - most in the $20 to $40 range.

Didn’t see any “three figure” ones, except for a Ludlow stick or two.


Check NA Graphics website. He got a batch of stainless steel ones, priced (I believe) $52. He is a good guy and his is a good business to deal with.

I have about 75 sticks in stock from 20 pica to newspaper size. They run about $24 and up for the stainless ones but nothing approaching 3 figures. The non stainless ones run less.
Feel free to call me at (516) 633-5107. I’d gladly send pics.

Thanks all for your responses, it looks like I was looking at ebay on a bad day, and they’re not as outrageous as I thought!