Help to identify this galley proof press.


I have recently been given a proof press bed but I’m trying to find out if anyone else has one of these as I need to restore the roller assembly. I have parts of it but will have to get parts made and rollers recovered so it would be good to have photos of a complete assembly and possibly measurements.

I have tried Google searches and have come across only one image, a photo of one sold by Instagram’s @urbanfox here in the UK about eight years ago.

A few things to note:
The sides of the roller assembly are brass.
The bed of the press can be height adjusted by turning a handle.
It has a gripper bar for the paper.
There are no maker marks anywhere.
It’s in the United Kingdom.
It’s very heavy.
Bed size is approx 300mm x 630mm.

If anyone can help identify it for starters and ideally if anyone else has one who could take some close up photos and maybe take measurements it would be fantastic.

Thank you,


image: B5384580-DC40-46F3-A637-5AB2E8F6EB42.jpeg


image: F077920B-B47A-4707-B498-65751EC4E6ED.jpeg


image: 0870A611-7B20-48D5-8172-216F9AA8D1B3.jpeg


image: 533F068E-E6F9-43BC-A080-234B9739D4E7.jpeg


image: 1E7AA163-05EA-4653-A6BF-A52B6A4CEFEA.jpeg


image: 744E6D5A-2461-4E23-AB1C-54D255D6AB65.png


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Andy, I had something similar without feedboard. It’s in my neighbours workshop - I’ll see if there’s any name badge. Jeremy

Ah thanks Albion_press. It would be good to know the maker so I can research it further.

I think it was designed so the feed table came off easily by removing three screws.