I’m not sure how to even describe the problem I’m having with some of my prints. I feel like I’ve tried everything, so I’m stumped. I’ve attached an image of one of them, hopefully you can see that the ink seems to be darker on certain spots of the print. The image shows the leaf on the right hand side to be slightly darker than the rest of the leaf…I’ve changed packing, and it wasn’t that. This isn’t the first time for this to randomly happen while printing. Any advice?

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Can’t seem to add the photo either. How can I show this?

The photo needs to have a name with no spaces and no special characters in it. Chances are that is the issue :)

Not knowing what kind of a press you have, I’m flying in the dark here, but….

Have you rolled out the ink on the press into a nice, smooth, even film? I don’t mean rolling it out 5 or 6 times, but more like 20 or 30 times. Ink is thicker in the can than you want it to be to print with, and rolling it out multiple times on press breaks it down to a consistency suitable for printing.

Have you tried double rolling or triple rolling the plate with ink before you make the print, to make the ink coverage more even?

Are you sure your rollers don’t have any flat spots and are set correctly?

Have you examined the inked plate to see if it is taking ink consistently? (This might be hard to see, especially with dark colors, but it’s worth looking at it anyway).

Hope this helps.