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Awhile back I purchased a 10x15 C&P and have had it sitting in storage and I’m ready to set it up and start printing with it. But I have no experience and can’t find anyone local that is willing to give me a couple classes. I feel very intimidated to just give it a go for fear of messing something up. Anyone in Northern California willing to give me a class or two?

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Where in Northern CA? I am sure there are several people who can get you started in the San Francisco Bay area.

Try the Yellow Pages at . There are schools, classes and tutors listed there.

Elizabeth Nevin
Briar Press

I’m close to Chico. And due to Covid the places I’ve found in the Bay Area are not giving classes at this time. Ok I’ll try out the yellow pages. Thanks for the input!

Hi Lana, I don’t know if you have checked this place or not but it is in Sebastopol, not too far from you. They may not be offering classes now but have been very active in Northern California.

Check out their site.

Lana, please send me a dm and we can see about providing you with some training. Cheers! Gregory

Ok Gregory! I sent you a message

Lana, I didn’t receive it. I think something is buggy because I also tried sending a message and copied myself but it didn’t work. Feel free to email me with my first name[dot]last [email protected].

@elizabeth, if you’re reading this i think that the communication system is buggy right now.