Ludwig “Charles” Mohr

I am writing to inform you that Ludwig Mohr passed away on January 9, 2022. My name is John Flynn; I am a friend and student of Ludwig Mohr.

I am working with his wife to distribute (sell/donate) the contents of his shop, including all of his equipment and a substantial collection of Ludlow Type Matrices. He was an active participant of Briar Press, so I thought I would make the members aware of the situation. We also need help determining the appropriate value on the older, 19th Century equipment.

I’ve created a list of the substantial Ludlow type catalog (see link) and will soon distribute a list of the entire contents of the shop.

Ludwig Mohr’s Ludlow Type Collection


John Flynn
5078 commonwealth Ave
La Canada-Flintridge CA 91011

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Some folks have had trouble accessing the Ludlow Type Catalog link. Here’s a new one via Dropbox:

Please let me know if you have any issues.

John Flynn
[email protected]

I will miss him and his knowledge. We had several exchanges regarding fine press printing in Germany. I bought a couple of books from him on the subject.
Mike Day