Confirmation of Woodtype ID

Still a bit of a novice here, but I think I have these typeface IDs. Can someone who is more seasoned try to confirm these please as we want to make replacements for missing letters?
First pic is an 8 line. I believe it to be a Gothic Double Extra Condensed. Looks very similar to a 15 line I just posted.
Second pic is an 8 line. I believe it to be an Antique XX Condensed No 1. Both are unbranded.
Thank you for any help on this. It is greatly appreciated.

image: 11GothicDoubleExtraCondensed8Line.jpg


image: 12AntiquexxCondensedNo18Line.jpg


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The 2nd is not an antique as it has bracketed serifs. Antiques always have square / slab serifs. Looks to me like Clarendon XX Condensed.

What I would note is that your descenders are the wrong size (from the next smaller size font). The descenders should be taller than the blocks of the other characters. In the first picture - the g and j are too small and also do not match the font. Also the figures don’t match this font.

The second picture - the p is the wrong size and very well may be an upside down d.