Help identifying this press the

I’m setting up a print shop for the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center and am trying to identify this press. There are two presses in the exhibit, one is a C&P 8x12 but the other, also an 8x12, has no identifying markings. Here are some pics. Thanks for help.

image: IMG_20220323_141033.jpg


image: IMG_20220323_141051.jpg


image: IMG_20220323_141108.jpg


image: IMG_20220323_141145_1.jpg


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Looks like a Damon & Peets.

Thanks. I think you’re correct. Looks like Damon & Peets made them with no markings and distributed them through many companies. Called the Favorite.

Now I need to find rollers. Got the cores and trucks.

Probably your best bet is to send the cores and trucks to Ramco Roller in California. I believe the standard is 30 durometer ribber which they know, and the rollers will be some of the very best possible at moderate cost, and turn-around is pretty fast. The rollers should be the same diameter as the trucks and that is why you should send the trucks with the cores.