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Help! I’m not sure exactly what Caslon this is. I think it is Caslon No. 2, but how can I be certain when the companies casted so many caslons with slight variations? Can I easily tell the difference between Lino, mono, ATF, and Inter? Thank you for your insights.

image: IMG_2697.jpg


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First off, narrow the field - is it monotype or foundry type? (If you don’t know the difference, ask an old printer) Then consult McGrew.

I have consulted McGrew thus the initial conclusion of Caslon 2. Any insight you can provide is helpful. Beyond the print the type has one nick and prints horribly inconsistent.

These are from an old S B & Co. catalogue they acquired Caslon in 1937, you do not say the size you have or if it is pin marked, Mouldtype also have Caslon type specimens in them

cheers John

image: SAM_1069.JPG


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Hi John,

Thank you for this information. We have this type in 10 and 12pt. It looks new, bright silver. I’m attaching photos and it seems like it might be mono casted as on the bottom you can see some fill areas that aren’t completely fill. I’m assuming that is monotype? The caslon old faces look so similar, I was noticing that our $ has such an angled slash through the S.

image: IMG_2724.jpg